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Taking the Guesswork Out Of Construction

If you are working on a project around your house or yard, you might be tempted to put that old saw to good use or to make do with that shovel. However, there is a right tool and a wrong tool to use for every different job, which is why it is so important to understand how to use industrial construction equipment. For example, that backhoe might mean that you can level your backyard in a jiffy or move around those heavy landscaping rocks. By going through the articles on my blog, you might be able to learn more about professional equipment, so that you don't have to drag out your next project.

Advice For Construction Companies Investing In Static Rock Separators

If you have construction operations that involve rock crushing, you may want to leave behind a particular size. In that case, you should invest in a static rock separator. It will screen rocks and leave behind particular sizes that are relevant to your operations. Just make sure you use these guidelines when investing in this resource for these particular operations.

Make Sure the Deck Bars Are Adjustable

You will probably eventually change the size of rocks that you need leftover. In that case, it helps to get a static rock separator with adjustable bars. You'll then have the ability to change their spacing and thus adjust the rock sizes that are leftover after these materials enter the separator. Making these bar adjustments is easy and you don't even need specialized equipment or experience. Separators with adjustable bars will save you equipment costs too because you can use the same separator even when your rock crushing operations change over time.

Look for a Proven Impact-Resistant Design

When you use a loader to drop rocks on top of a static rock separator, the equipment is going to be subject to a lot of force and impact. You thus need to make sure your separator has an impact-resistant design from the beginning so that it can withstand this activity and not take any type of damage. Even if you drop large rocks from tall heights, the rock separator should remain structurally sound and continue providing optimal performance when keeping rocks of a certain size in a pile that you can easily manage later.

Verify Platform Stability 

Another thing to consider when purchasing a static rock separator is the type of base it has at the bottom. You need to make sure it provides stability because of the rocks you'll be dumping over this system on a regular basis. The base should sit completely flat on the ground and also not give way to movement on either side. This will help you avoid instances of tipping that would otherwise probably cause structural damage to a portion of this separator.

If you want to organize piles of rock that are a certain size after these materials are crushed, then you can purchase a static rock separator. As long as it's made with the right materials and designs, using this machine will be easy and let you better manage the rock materials around a construction site.